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David Harmon k6xyz at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 26 23:28:07 EDT 2015

Hi Jim......
I'm sure sorry to hear that!
In 60' I was a Sr. in high school in Tulsa and suddenly my family had to
move to the Los Angeles area.
I had to meet new friends and get a new girlfriend...quick!
In the summer of 60' my new girlfriend and I used to park at the east end of
the Los Angeles airport and watch the planes land.
I always tuned in KOMA on the car radio as a way to keep that Okie
connection going.

Three or four years ago I was on the way to the OK City hamfest and saw
those towers for the first time and I was surprised to see that they were a
lot shorter than I had imagined. 
Long ago....far away.


David Harmon
Sperry, OK

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Last evening a F1 or so tornado took down the three tower array of KOMA
radio in Oklahoma City.  The station is now KOKC and broadcasts talk.  I
worked at KOMA from early 1967 till late 1968 and am very sad to see this
destruction.  KOMA was on 1520 and shared the frequency with WKBW in
Buffalo, NY.  KOMA served the Western US and WKBW served the Eastern part of
the country.  Many people remember this station from the mid-fifties until
it changed to country much later. 

This is a video story of the towers with some history and pictures of the
destruction.  Until last night we had not had a reported tornado in
Oklahoma, a very rare occurrence.   Then to have a minor one do this is
amazing to me.


Click on the picture for the video.

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