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Hi All
Been there and done this. A Microburst took out 3 out of 4 towers at KTCK one of my AM's here in Dallas in 2008. The three towers that went down were in line (and still are) and so closely spaced that the guy wires are interlaced. One tower went down due to the Microburst and took out the other two. The 4th tower is off to the side forming an equilateral triangle with the North and center towers and was unaffected other than having some of the outer Philistrand guys from the North tower and the center tower pulling down on its outer guys. I was able to cut those with a big pair of cable cutters and tower 4 kept us on the air for the duration with a little creative third world engineering.
You have no idea of the sick feeling when you get to the site at 3:30 AM after dodging debris in roadways and only see one tower standing.
The kick in the teeth on KOMA / KOKC is that Jack Sellmeyer AD5VO had been working for months on modifications to the array and generating new engineering and licensing documents for the station that were going to be filed with the FCC next week. Jack is one of the preeminent experts on directional arrays and he had been sweating blood and / or pulling the afore mentioned teeth to make this array work and all for naught now. 
Bill AD5OL
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Last evening a F1 or so tornado took down the three tower array of KOMA radio in Oklahoma City.  The station is now KOKC and broadcasts talk.  I worked at KOMA from early 1967 till late 1968 and am very sad to see this destruction.  KOMA was on 1520 and shared the frequency with WKBW in Buffalo, NY.  KOMA served the Western US and WKBW served the Eastern part of the country.  Many people remember this station from the mid-fifties until it changed to country much later. 

This is a video story of the towers with some history and pictures of the destruction.  Until last night we had not had a reported tornado in Oklahoma, a very rare occurrence.  Then to have a minor one do this is amazing to me.


Click on the picture for the video.

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