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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Mar 27 15:32:12 EDT 2015

Hate to hear about those old 4-sided towers.  Probably Blaw-Knox; the clue
is the single set of guys attached near the middle, rather than multiple
sets of guys along the length of the tower.  The term for that configuration
is "cantilever tower". The guy wire insulators in the photo look similar to
the ones on the towers at WSM, WLW and WFEA.  The base insulators were
likely in two  cone-shaped sections stacked one on top of the other, one
resting upside down fastened to the concrete pier and the other attached to
the base of the tower.  

The first Blaw-Knox towers were diamond shaped like the ones at the
above-mentioned stations, but they later changed the design to uniform cross
section after it was discovered that the bulge in the middle screwed up some
of the antenna calculations and the towers didn't always perform exactly as
predicted.  Most early radio towers of all configurations were  four sided,
but later designs are usually the familiar triangular cross-section.

To reduce costs I suspect KOMA will replace the towers with new
off-the-shelf modern designs, although WBT in Charlotte NC rebuilt  their
Blaw-Knox diamonds exactly like the originals after damage from hurricane

Here is more information and photos of Blaw-Knox towers. 

Don k4kyv

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