[AMRadio] KOMA radio

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 22:54:53 EDT 2015


The middle tower is what's left.   They'll probably do what was done
at WWVA and use it to hang in inverted L with a STA from the FCC.   Or
if they can get the broken part off safely, keeping the bottom half of
the middle tower they can run that as a 90 degree tower with lower
power on an STA.  FCC often extends STAs as long as they are needed if
the owner can prove financial stress or some other unavoidable delay,
but licensees usually desire to get the old field intensity back as
soon as possible.   That's a desirable dial spot and power level these
days.    The QRN is lower at the high end of the band and everyone
wants 50KW to overcome the noise floor.   The stations in trouble are
the 2.5 KW and less, or properties with no night time authorization.

Sadly, the rebuild may not involve anything as impressive as the BK
towers.  Might wind up with Rohn 65.  but radio receivers won't know
the difference.



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