[AMRadio] sources for alignment tools

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Mar 30 20:40:43 EDT 2015

Hi Bob,

Philmore still has them.  Philmore is part of Datek and you can go to 
Philmore-datak.com to locate a dealer.  If you want to spend some time 
looking through their catalog then search for "Alignment Tools", just as you 

I haven't looked in a while but the last time it was a bit of work to find 
them and get the number.  I suggest you find a dealer near you and work with 
them, they have quicker search capabilities than going through the Philmore 
catalog on line.

Philmore still has an assortment that will have what you need.  That is the 
only place that I know about that has those kind of tools.  They may be the 
same as you have, but if you don't find anyplace else, well you know that 



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Hi all,
I am in need of some new alignment tools. In particular, the hex head
piece to tune coil slugs. I have been searching, but only find cheap
looking plastic ones like I have presently. I would like to find
something that is a bit harder and stronger than the ones I am finding.
The ones I have, worked fine for a bit. But, when you run across a tough
slug to turn, they sorta just slip and get rounded off due to the softer
plastic. What is everyone using and where are you getting them?


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