[AMRadio] sources for alignment tools

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Mar 31 08:18:19 EDT 2015

The GC Electronics kit # 5040 is the one to get.

It isn't very expensive.  It also does NOT have the "conductive" 
alignment tools.

You have to watch carefully that the contents of the alignment kits do 
NOT have the conductive tools.

There is "one" soldering aid in this kit that "very obviously" *IS* 
conductive.  It is made of stainless steel ends with plastic in the middle.

This is much better than the old Radio Shack cheap plastic alignment 
tools that were all different colors.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

On 3/30/2015 7:43 PM, Robert Sauvan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am in need of some new alignment tools. In particular, the hex head 
> piece to tune coil slugs. I have been searching, but only find cheap 
> looking plastic ones like I have presently. I would like to find 
> something that is a bit harder and stronger than the ones I am 
> finding. The ones I have, worked fine for a bit. But, when you run 
> across a tough slug to turn, they sorta just slip and get rounded off 
> due to the softer plastic. What is everyone using and where are you 
> getting them?
> Thanks-Bob-W0YBS

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