[AMRadio] sources for alignment tools

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Mar 31 10:29:29 EDT 2015


Sure did!

They are fiber filled Delrin.

A couple others are fiberglass.

Got it last year.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

On 3/31/2015 10:00 AM, Don Cunningham wrote:
> I would just ask, has anyone bought one of these "GC" kits recently??  
> MANY of these names of electronic tools are like the TV's, etc and are 
> NO longer the quality they once were.  BEWARE, I bought myself the 
> "roll up" set of GC tools that I drooled over for all my working years 
> for myself as a retirement gift to myself and it's FULL of cheap, 
> plastic tools.  Just a word to the wise.
> Don, WB5HAK
> On 3/31/2015 8:46 AM, rbethman wrote:
>> List,
>> Go to: 
>> <http://www.onlinecomponents.com/gc-electronics-5040.html?p=11415498>
>> They have 13 in stock and are only $18.74.
>> Lot Cheaper than E-Pay!
>> Regards, Bob - N0DGN

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