[AMRadio] Semi OT: The DARK Side

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Mar 31 13:01:53 EDT 2015

I've started down the path of working with Surface Mount Devices.

[Look, these newer radios are using them throughout!  If I want to 
modify my TS-2000, I have now gained the equipment and skills to do so!]

Obtained a USB 20X to 800X Microscope.

I also obtained a Hot Air Rework Station.

I've been looking at the Microwave Arena.

Quite frankly, the "better" known folks do NOT use ROHS solder either!

Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, K0CQ, highly recommends 60/40 solder due to 
better plasticity time to work with.  He has a presentation,

In this is the differences in the ROHS vs. Sn/Pb solders.

I've been working with it for a few months now.

I use 0.015" Multicore SN60/40 solder.

It can be a bit tedious, but the hands are still steady enough.

Transparency blanks for printers make good stencils for masking the 
components locations to prep the boards.

Then you need a "good" metal framed magnifier lamp.  Not the plastic 
junk ones from Harbor Freight.  Although you can use one before you 
decide to get serious.

So far so good!

Regards, Bob N0DGN

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