[AMRadio] [Hallicrafters] sources for alignment tools

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Mar 31 15:41:45 EDT 2015


Had one in '86.

That one even had the spring removal tool.

I have "most" of that set still here.

A few have gone over the years.  It was awfully hard to keep a young son 
out of MY tools!

He even took apart a measuring tape when he was about 5.  It scared the 
crap out of him.

I came back after a several weeks long mission and found it on the floor 
in the Radio Shack in Georgia.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

On 3/31/2015 3:14 PM, manualman at juno.com wrote:
> I bought one of those GC alignment tool pouches with 20 to 30 (maybe even
> more) different short, long tools with a wide variety of different ends
> back in the mid 70's. I'm still using those same tools. On the rare
> occasion I need an alignment tool that requires a unique end and/or shaft
> diameter, I generally fabricate it out of round wood stock or some
> fiberglass. The only time I remember having slippage with a tool, it was
> due to the previous owner(s) reaming out the slots in the core with
> probably the wrong tool. Sometimes dropping a length or two of dental
> floss down into the core and then inserting the tool provides the grip
> action you need to turn the core.
> Pete, wa2cwa

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