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You may not be too far off. IF there is a nuke war, and nothing is totally out of the question...... 
A number of years ago when the company I was working for at the time was building Gas Blocking Connectors for the DOE's Nevada Test Facility (they had to insert the Gas Blocks into the bundle of cables coming up hole from the "device" in order to keep radioactive gas from traveling up the cables and escaping into the atmosphere) I was told by a gentleman from the DOE who came in to inspect every lot of connectors we produced before they accepted them, that there won't be a day after. His advice was to get a lawn chair and a cooler of beer and go sit at the nearest Air Force Base (or equivalent) and enjoy the fireball. He had witnessed the Bikini Atoll blast, the above ground tests in Nevada and was 200 miles away from the big Hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific that yielded much more than expected. He had his surveyor lay off the azimuth to the test site so they would be looking in the right direction when the bomb went off at sunrise. He said he need not have bothered, he could have read a newspaper.  Given his connections, he was conversant with what the Russians would be throwing at us. Hence his advise to just get it over quickly.
So, blast effects not withstanding, the EMP's might make tube radios the only functioning com gear for us types that can't afford hardened high tech stuff, and who might survive the initial attack.
I don't THINK the ruskies will deliberately start something, but there are a lot of nut cases running around out there who might do something that leads to something much worse.
Just saying......
Pray for peace, and count every day a blessing.
Bill AD5OL
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"NORAD Returns to Cheyenne, Warns of EMP Attack", or so goes the headline.  I know, we'll all be dead, it's inevitable perhaps, but if we are not, perhaps our tube gear will keep us in touch to swap ammo and food amongst us.  Might need to go back to 5U4's and 6AL5's in your gear though, and points and condensers in your generator.

I'm being tongue in cheek, please take it in the spirit of humor as it is meant.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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