[AMRadio] NEARfest (was Re: Radio Operators)

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sun May 3 11:29:07 EDT 2015

On 5/2/15 5:18 PM, Jim Wilhite wrote:
>     Sorry for the late response, but I was at NEARfest all day yesterday.
>     73,
>     -Larry/NE1S
> How was it?
> Jim
> W5JO

It was great. Attendance seemed good, and there was no rain, although 
the sun stayed behind the clouds and it was a bit on the cool side. I 
was wearing a heavy sweater and a jacket, and was still a bit chilly. 
Yesterday was the sunny and warm day, but I didn't make it back, 
although I had planned to. (It's about a 2 hour drive each way, and I 
was feeling a bit under the WX.)

I was not looking to pick up anything big, just a few parts to keep the 
projects going, a few of which I found. As far as equipment goes, I am 
generally in downsize mode, but not going nuts about it. I did have some 
stuff for sale, and stayed with that stuff a lot of the time - you can't 
sell it if you're not present - so didn't get to cruse around and look 
at stuff as much as I would have liked. My XYL was with me, but I didn't 
want to ask her to stay with the stuff alone for too long at a time. 
This seemed to be the fest if you wanted a Harvey Wells TBS-50, as there 
were a lot of them there. Some had the VFOs, but most were without.

I sold my HQ-170 with matching speaker, as well as a pair of Radio Shack 
amplified speakers I had bought at a hamfest years ago to use for 
computer speakers, and no longer needed. I also gave away a Model 33 
Teletype (why did I ever think i needed two of them?). So I was happy to 
unload a couple of large items that I wasn't using. I had used the 
HQ-170 quite a bit when I first got my ticket, but I have plenty of 
other, older receivers I enjoy more these days.

But the main reason I go is to have eyeball QSOs with my friends, and  
the fest didn't disappoint, except for the notable absence of KA1KAQ, 
WA2PJP, K4HX, and W3JN.  Joe W3GMS and his XYL Martha came to the fest 
and had stayed with us Wed. night. It was the first time they were up to 
the QTH and we had a great visit with them. I showed Joe my Tek 575 
curve tracer, and how I had adapted it to trace the curves of vacuum 
tubes, and he indicated he'd like to have a 575. I had another friend 
who was looking to unload a pair of them gratis, so I contacted him and 
he brought them to the fest. Joe got the better one and we gave the 
other one to someone we didn't know but who was walking by and expressed 

NEARfest is by far the best hamfest in New England, and probably in the 
entire Northeast.

Long, rambling answer to a short question...


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