[AMRadio] NEARfest (was Re: Radio Operators)

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sun May 3 17:26:10 EDT 2015

On 5/3/15 3:04 PM, manualman at juno.com wrote:
> Isn't it the only major hamfest in New England with maybe Boxboro coming
> in second.
Yeah, sounds right.
> As far as the "entire Northeast" you obviously have never been to the
> Sussex Hamfest in Northwestern NJ and there are several others here in
> the "Northeast" that could be considered "great".
> You need to cross the Hudson Larry once in a while.
All I had said was "NEARfest is by far the best hamfest in New England 
and PROBABLY in the entire Northeast." One reason I said "probably" is 
because I have heard good things about Sussex, but have never attended, 
due to a limited budget. It would be an expensive trip, with a minimum 
of 2 overnight stays and a day's drive each way. The fact that I've 
never been there is not from a lack of desire! Another reason is that 
there are other hamfests in the Northeast I haven't been to, for the 
same reasons.
> Actually I went to a hamfest today, in PA, just over the Delaware River
> from NJ. Great time, great weather and saw lots of stuff everywhere.
> Vendor next to me was selling loads of 6L6GC's and EL-34's for $3.00 each
> with quantity discounts. All used but tested good to very good. He had a
> constant stream of buyers. Saw several AM'ers and even a few sideband
> guys. I talk to them too.
Yeah, me too. I'm not a "modist."


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