[AMRadio] NEARfest (was Re: Radio Operators)

Don Cunningham DonC at martineer.net
Sun May 3 18:03:10 EDT 2015

I discovered another that is "reasonably" close two years ago that I 
thought I'd mention too to go along with those you mentioned.  The wife 
and I attended the Joplin, Mo. Hamfest and found it a GREAT hamfest as 
well.  Unfortunately we couldn't go last year, but already are planning 
to go this year in August.  It draws amateurs from a fairly large area 
and seems to have a great selection of gear, but at the same time keeps 
the "small fest" feel.  I hope it is as good as it was in 2013, and I 
hope I get to see as many friends again as I did that year, maybe even 
more, that I talk to regularly.

I noticed that Hamcomm (Dallas fest you mentioned??) is trying to return 
to a better venue from what I and others think Plano was. Maybe that 
will revive it somewhat and make it worth attending once again.  From 
here, Belton is further than Joplin!!

On 5/3/2015 3:55 PM, Jim Wilhite wrote:
> In my area many of the small hamfests have almost died out.  It seems 
> if they are not big they aren't surviving.
> Of course the premier fest in the area where I live is Belton with 
> Dallas coming in second.  The only ones that do well are associated 
> with larger cities.  Oklahoma city is now bordering on a small fest, 
> somewhat due to the fact they have been gypsies in the last few years 
> and have settled on a poor location.  The fest in Claremore, near 
> Tulsa is a good one and I understand the Austin, TX is good.  It is 
> strange that we hear little of anything in the Houston area although I 
> know there is one there.
> I haven't been to the Little Rock or Ft. Smith, AR fests in a long 
> time so don't know how they are doing.  The same goes for the Duke 
> City fest in Albuquerque but I do know from reports the fest in 
> Midland, TX is suffering. It is a sad commentary for me to attend one 
> of the fests only to meet and greet old friends.  I do try to find 
> some parts when I need them so the commercial guys can make a little 
> money.  I hope the smaller fests come back before I am unable to 
> attend, right now I am leery of driving to one of the big ones in the 
> larger cities.
> Thanks for the reports guys.
> Jim
> W5JO
> -----Original Message-----
> Isn't it the only major hamfest in New England with maybe Boxboro coming
> in second.
> As far as the "entire Northeast" you obviously have never been to the
> Sussex Hamfest in Northwestern NJ and there are several others here in
> the "Northeast" that could be considered "great".
> You need to cross the Hudson Larry once in a while.
> Pete, wa2cwa
> On Sun, 03 May 2015 11:29:07 -0400 Larry Szendrei <ne1s at securespeed.us>
> writes:
>> NEARfest is by far the best hamfest in New England, and probably in the
> entire Northeast.
>> Long, rambling answer to a short question...
>> 73,
>> -Larry/NE1S
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