[AMRadio] Albuquerque Hamfest

JAMES HANLON knjhanlon at msn.com
Mon May 4 16:03:47 EDT 2015

The Duke City Hamfest in Albuquerque, scheduled for August 7 to 9, appears to be alive and well this year.  It is changing venue once again, to the Marriott Pyramid Hotel on I-25 in the north side of the city.  Their web site is still under construction, but they say they have six separate rooms and will be running up to six parallel talks and events throughout the weekend.  Our New Mexico Radio Collectors Club (NMRCC) will be making three presentations, one on the History of Broadcast Radio, one on inexpensive Software Defined Radio Receivers, and one by yours truly, an interactive talk and demonstration on AM-CW Stations of 50 Years Ago.  My topic was requested by the Hamfest folks.  I have two stations I will be taking in, a Heathkit DX-60/HG-10 and HR-10 pair and a HQ-180 and Knight T-150A pair.  I plan on setting them both up in lecture room and letting properly licensed folks experience AM by talking to one another using them.  I understand that we will have access to at least one outside antenna, so I'm hoping to get some of the regional gang to work me on 7293 during the talk/demo as well.  We may have access to an antenna after the talk as well, in which case I will set up one or both of the stations at the NMRCC table and continue to show-and-tell with AM and CW contacts throughout the day.  
I'll let you all know what time my talk will be as soon as I know, and perhaps some of you could look for me and give us a contact.  I've contacted the James Millen Society and they have agreed that I can use W1HRX as a call for one of my stations that day.  I'll probably use it for my Hammarlund/Knight gear attached to the outdoor antenna.
Jim Hanlon, W8KGI 

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