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Wed May 27 23:30:15 EDT 2015

There are around 18,000 AM,FM radio, and TV stations in the US. Being that there are a bit more than 3000 counties in the US, you might extrapolate the number of govt. issued FTA's issued, but with that combined with the other 18,000, it will no where near approach the 710,000+ hams.  We are their biggest paperwork job, but actually, after the initial application, unless you are a vanity holder, the FCC will never have to deal with your paper work again, the computer will, except for the few who still deal with them by mail.  After the initial vanity application, again, no more one on one dealings, all computer to renew.  A fee to apply for or  change a vanity call makes sense, but after that, human intervention is minimal.  If you want to see a license application nightmare, do research on what it takes to put a shortwave BC station on the air, regardless of how many potential listeners are out there, the red tape is enough to make someone print a
 newsletter or create a website with their message.  There was a day when you could almost build your own TX and apply for a license and be radiating on the SW BC band.  Now you better be an Olympic hoop jumper with a Queen Mary size boat load of cash.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC.

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