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Interesting.  I was in my local RatShack a few days ago looking for connectors.  The interior of the store had been considerably redesigned and seemed a bit more “thin” and cellular focused than it had in the past.  But — they actually had a LARGER selection of parts (caps, Rs, connectors, switches, etc.) than they had before.  I asked them if they were staying open, and the answer was a clear yes.  There are other places around here for that kind of thing, but I’d sure rather drive a couple of miles than 20 when I can, and they have what I can't find in the parts bins in the middle of a Sunday afternoon project .. :-)

Grant NQ5T

> On Nov 18, 2015, at 3:01 PM, <w5jo at brightok.net> <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
> Today I visited the local store that was formally a Radio Shack franchisee to buy some connectors from remaining stock.  I have know these people for quite a while and been buying what I can from them to keep the small parts available.
> When one of the owners totaled the amount she told me that they were giving 20% off of all stock that was branded Radio Shack in order to clear their shelves of the products.  I asked if this meant that the things I buy will no longer be available.  The answer really surprised me.  
> It seems as if Radio Shack of Mexico operates under a different name and has approached the local franchisee to see if they wish to affiliate with the Mexican Company.  I didn’t pay attention to the name so cannot pass that along, but they already have some products on their shelves branded with the name of the new line.  It appears that the Mexican operation was not affected by the bankruptcy of Radio Shack and they offer the same products and the prices are much better according to the local store owner.
> There are other aspects of this that will help save the local store involving cell telephones, but that is beside the point.  This local franchisee is interested in providing the electrical and electronic parts because they have purchasers who drive from 40-50 miles to buy capacitors, connectors, diodes, etc.  Most of the purchasers are technicians who repair equipment on site and need the parts to finish their jobs.
> So in this case it seems as if this will be a boon to some of the former Radio Shack stores and will keep them open to furnish parts to those of us who sometimes need them immediately.
> Jim
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