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I don't have a subscription to the WSJ so could not look at the remainder of 
the story not did I do a search for the name .  The part of the WSJ article 
I could see gave the name of the conglomerate that purchased the business 
but not the brand name that will appear on the parts.

Locally the store carries the tips for the low and high powered Weller 
soldering guns, which I use a lot outside and the Their prices beat places 
like Digi-Key or Mouser.  Since the owners are personal friends I am glad 
they will remain in business.  I just hate the fact that the company had to 
go away under the Radio Shack name.  That name had been a part of 
electronics  in this country for a very long time.


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This part of the business happened back in March 2015:
Watch for wrap-around to the second line.
or Google radio shack of mexico

oe maybe it's really here:

Pete, wa2cwa

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