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Ken, W8EK kenw8ek at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 10:00:58 EST 2015

Two high power, full legal limit, antenna tuners For Sale:

AEA AT-3000 High Power HF Antenna Tuner:

The AEA AT-3000 is an extremely rugged antenna tuner, rated to
handle 3000 watts. It will certainly easily handle the full legal

The AT-3000 has two variable inductors and a single large variable
capacitor. It also has an antenna switch that will switch between
two coax antennas, a balanced antenna (it includes a VERY large
built in balun), and dummy load. There is also a cross needle meter
that reads forward and reverse power, and hence SWR, all simultaneously.
It also has a back light, if 12 V is applied. Instead of the normal
high and low power ranges, this tuner has three ranges of 3000 W,
300 W, and 30 W full scale. It also reads both average and peak
power. This is an exceptional tuner!

This particular unit works 100% and looks like it just came from
the factory. No scratches or defects. Pristine!

With paper work for $325.

TenTec 229 B HF antenna tuner:

This roller inductor tuner will handle full legal power.
It uses an "L" match instead of a "T" match, which means
there is only one spot that will give the correct match.
The "L" match is also more efficient. Electrically, it is the
same as both the 229 series and 238 series.

There is also a built in wattmeter with full scale reading
of 200 and 2000 watts. It also has an SWR bridge with
lighted meter, plus a 4 position antenna switch.

It can be used on any HF frequency, including the WARC
bands, as it is continuously adjustable. It has a built in
internal balun, so open wire can be used.

Cosmetically, this unit is the color of the Corsair I with
a sort of very dark chocolate brown (almost black)
color, although it certainly can be used with any HF rig
or legal limit amplifier.

This unit has had the problematic dial and elastic cord
changed to a turns counter for better reliability.

This particular unit functions 100%, and looks great.
I can not find a scratch on it. Paper work is included
for $300.

I also have many other accessories of many different brands
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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