[AMRadio] Auto transformer to reduce line volts

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Sun Nov 29 15:28:46 EST 2015

You can use a filament transformer in bucking mode to lower your effective 
line voltage.

120VAC - 6.3VAC = 113.7,

That's just an example.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
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>I can't comment on gas tube lamps because they take a h.v. transformer
> to fire them, but watts is watts so if your transformer is rated for
> 1800 watts then that's 1.8 KVA and you should be able to use it with
> loads that draw that much power or less.
> rob
> k5uj
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>> I know some folks use and auto xfmr to lower their line to the older 
>> gear.  Do you split the difference between what
>> the transformer gives when in receive and what it loads down to while 
>> transmitting?  My only auto transformer I use on the
>> bench, but in my catch all loft, I found an 1800 watt Luxtrol 
>> incandescent lamp controller that will also do up to  50 40 watt 
>> florescent lamps too.
>> At first I thought it was a big rheostat, but is actually an auto 
>> transformer.  It does say 1800 watts of  regular bulbs, but since it
>> also handles florescents, how do you think it would work feeding ham 
>> gear, if at all?
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