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I helped John build the modulation  reactor for that quad of 813s modulator,
out of  a pair of identical 12-henry 600 ma filter  chokes we salvaged from
a retired channel 11 TV transmitter. We were able to get a little over 30
henries by discarding the "I" laminations and butting together and clamping
the "E"  laminations, leaving a gap between the core sections and wiring the
two windings in series,  phased properly so that the inductances were
additive. After I  left the Houston area, John had a flood and that whole
rig washed down a creek and was under water for several weeks. When it
eventually re-surfaced, John reclaimed it, dried everything out, and got it
on the air again.  He said the original modulation transformer and the
reactor we  constructed still worked after they were thoroughly dried.

Don k4kyv

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He's got a couple of BC-610's over there, K5SWK/Otis' old 833x(p-p)833's
xmtr as well as WA5BXO/John's 250TH/(813) rig over there.  Plenty of iron,
just no antenna.

73 = Best Regards,

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