[AMRadio] cyclic noise

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Thu Oct 8 18:33:13 EDT 2015

I asked a few weeks ago if anyone has noticed the cyclic noise that I am 
hearing. It appears to be continuous from about 2MC to above 15 MC

usually runs about 6db increase on 40 and the same on 20, lower on 160 
and 80, However sometimes 40 or 20 will be 12 db. Nothing close to me to 
do this nearest home is 1/4 mi.  yesterday it stopped at exactly 3:45 PM 
EDT.  any day of the week and just about any time. it would take 
enormous power to cover this freq range.  The repetition rate seems to 
be a bit faster that 1 CPS.  I am suspecting that this is scatter with 
occasional sky wave that causes the big increase on  one band.  The only 
thing that has this sort of power is HARP and they reportedly do operate 
from 2 MC to 18 MC at 350 Meg watts. I saw one report from a ham 5000 mi 
away and they pegged his s meter in mid day at about 3.3 MC. I can watch 
the s meter slid up and down, background noise here is about S4 on 40 
daytime, and turning of the AGC it is easy to hear the rise and fall. I 
probably am 6500 mi away from HARP( mid Ohio)  Would be interesting to 
look at the actual noise wave form and see if it might have some info in 
it. Why do I care?  Simply because it is there, and man made, and I 
wonder what it s.

             Bernie W8RPW

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