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Thu Oct 8 18:56:12 EDT 2015

I have been fighting line noise for longer than I care to count (about 2 
years) and have been tuning from 1.8 to 29 megacycles.  I have not heard 
what your describe Bernie.

I tune on the higher HF bands and listen for noise from power lines the 
rotate my beam to find direction and do that from mid-morning to late 
afternoon.  I have yet to hear what your describe so I am thinking it may be 
something close to you.


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I asked a few weeks ago if anyone has noticed the cyclic noise that I am
hearing. It appears to be continuous from about 2MC to above 15 MC

usually runs about 6db increase on 40 and the same on 20, lower on 160
and 80, However sometimes 40 or 20 will be 12 db. Nothing close to me to
do this nearest home is 1/4 mi.  yesterday it stopped at exactly 3:45 PM
EDT.  any day of the week and just about any time. it would take
enormous power to cover this freq range.  The repetition rate seems to
be a bit faster that 1 CPS.  I am suspecting that this is scatter with
occasional sky wave that causes the big increase on  one band. 
Bernie W8RPW
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