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Neal Newman cozy659 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 8 18:57:34 EDT 2015

 Not Sure about Carrier Level  I base my AM power on Base current... Typically 4 amps for 1kw carrier depending on Antenna Impedance. I have a 1 kw station thats running 2.53 amps50kw is about 32.45 amps...  Today I was  working on the 50Kw. and noticed a Floating Ground strap near the tower Base.... good thing I did Not lean  into it. that strap had 25 amps across it.... New Project.. braze a new strap.... explains why the 20 feet of tower below the insulator was HOT HOT HOT...
Neal Ka2caf

     On Thursday, October 8, 2015 5:01 PM, Donald Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:

 Posted on another mailing list:

>> It runs  400W of
>> carrier and 1500W PEP.
>  I wish AM operators would quit expressing power in terms of PEP

This brings up what I agree is a disturbing trend, that AMers are
increasingly referring to their transmitter power in terms of PEP,
regardless of whether or not they are talking about "legal  limit" or
running anywhere near it.  I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with the person
who posted that message.  While that's OK for SSB, when discussing how much
power your AM transmitter is running, the base figure has always been
CARRIER power.  When describing one's audio peaks, the experienced AM
operator will speak in terms of MODULATION PERCENTAGE.  That's how
professional engineers talk about it.  You don't hear WSM announce "200,000
watts clear channel 650".  It sounds totally lame to hear someone say over
the air that his DX-100 is running "400 watts" or to call the Valiant a "400
watt" transmitter.

AM PEP should be reserved for discussions directly referring to the legal
limit , not how much power you run with your Ranger, DX-60, T-368 or plastic
radio in AM mode. 

Many of us don't even own a PEP meter in the first place.  A PEP meter or
even a broadcast type modulation monitor, if it lacks a graphic display of
the envelope waveform, is no substitute for a monitor scope.

Don k4kyv

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