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> I almost always say how much carrier power AND pep power I am running. 
> Is that ok? 

That's exactly what we were talking about.  What's wrong with just stating
carrier power?  Adding the PEP leaves the impression of a phony operator.
If you know your carrier power, and you are fully modulating the
transmitter, that already defines PEP, so it's redundant to make it a point
state the numbers.  I suspect that when seasoned AMers hear this, it shouts
"newbie!!". That PEP business when routinely stating your power level is
something I have been hearing in AM conversations only for the past couple
of years.

OTOH, it could be legitimate to discuss PEP if, for example, you want to
re-assure everyone in the QSO that you are running near but not over the
limit, so you tell them your PEP meter is swinging up to the vicinity of
1490 and occasionally hits 1500.  But what's the point in expounding on PEP
with a Viking II or homebrew 250-watt transmitter?  If it isn't quite
capable of fully modulating the carrier, just say it only modulates up to
70% or whatever the maximum percentage of modulation is that you can squeeze
out of it.

Don k4kyv

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