[AMRadio] OT SDR

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sat Oct 10 19:59:21 EDT 2015

On 10/10/15 12:07 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
> Larry,
> Thanks for your information.  I remember the SoftRock things.  I think
> a guy in Indiana made them, but he never had any in stock.  He must
> have made them annually in batches of 10 at a time and they were
> bought up immediately.  Never got my hands on one.
I think for a while Tony couldn't make them fast enough, or was short on 
time/resources, or both. My guess is it's a labor of for him; I doubt 
he's doing much more than covering his costs. In any case I ordered both 
of mine in 2013, they were mailed to me promptly, and according to the 
web page they're in stock (I just checked).

I did have to get help with the surface-mount components, because, like 
you, I'm primarily a tube guy. Not to mention a bit of a klutz ;-)
> In a way, I think SDR makes sense maybe for slopbucket and digital
> modes, but since AM and CW are the two legacy transmission modes that
> lend themselves so readily to vintage gear, it is hard for me to
> understand the need to computerize it.   Actually CW even more so.
> Here is a mode that involves simple keying of a class C RF final to
> make radiotelegraph code characters and folks want to use a digital
> computer rig to do that.  Seems like a lot of unnecessary
> complication.
I generally agree. The continuously-variable bandwidth is awesome for 
CW, though, when the band is crowded. The shape factor on the filter can 
be far superior to what can be accomplished in hardware. It seems to me 
that there is a lot less ringing in the software filters, as well, 
although I'm not sure why this is.

But, generally when I work CW, which isn't that often, I'm a minimalist 
- a power LC 841 tube oscillator coupled to an antenna, and a RAL, SW-3, 
or older regenerative receiver.

I love it all, and different things float my boat at different times.


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