[AMRadio] OT SDR

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sat Oct 10 20:55:41 EDT 2015

Those that don't like the intrusion are entitled to their view.

Shoot mine and you'll end up in jail.  It only flies over MY property!

I don't take any pictures or videos of any one.  I record the flight 
itself, *IF* I run the camera.

So you have a good time, and be sure that you don't put yourself in a 
heap of trouble.

You wouldn't like time in jail for discharging a weapon in city limits, 
and then paying a good bit over a Kilo-Buck to replace it.

Now you indeed know my opinion.  I don't bother others either!


On 10/10/2015 6:44 PM, james.liles at comcast.net wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Had one of those four legged drone UFO's hovering over the house two 
> weeks ago, loaded the 12 gage and dispatched it.  Going to send the 
> body to area 51 for analysis.  Guess the Martians beat NASA to it.  
> Turns out a real estate gal came looking for the carcass.  Told her to 
> check with Uncle Sam --- she would need a security clearance to 
> retrieve her UFO friends remains from the Area 51 guys.
> Working on an anti-UFO missile using baseball mitt radar technology. 
> Probably be able to knock those buggers of at 1/2 mile.  Just love 
> that new techno stuff.  Last time I worked on guidance systems we used 
> rubber bands and an escapement system --- sorta like texting.
> A friend who is an RC enthusiast started snaring those UFO things 
> using a high performance stealth model airplane by swooping down and 
> dropping a small fishing net on it.  Folks started to complain that 
> somehow due to global warming and weather changes, hair nets have 
> started to drop out of the ionosphere.
> You have a good time with that stuff.
> Kindest regards Jim K9AXN

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