[AMRadio] OT SDR

Jim Liles hallicrafterssr2000 at k9axn.com
Sat Oct 10 22:16:19 EDT 2015

Gosh Bob,

Your no fun at all.  That thing sounds to be a pet or something.  You 
haven't had it at the table for Thanksgiving dinner have you?

You must have guessed that I own no firearms and was just trying to cheer 
you up a bit.  If you believed that one, you may need to talk to someone.

Have to say I've flown RC for years and years going back to the rubber band 
and escapement system.  Don't fly any stuff with gyros or auto pilots. 
Never could get myself to do that.

BTW, privacy is a right not just an opinion.

You have a super day and lighten up a bit.  Kindest regards Jim K9AXN

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Those that don't like the intrusion are entitled to their view.

Shoot mine and you'll end up in jail.  It only flies over MY property!

I don't take any pictures or videos of any one.  I record the flight
itself, *IF* I run the camera.

So you have a good time, and be sure that you don't put yourself in a
heap of trouble.

You wouldn't like time in jail for discharging a weapon in city limits,
and then paying a good bit over a Kilo-Buck to replace it.

Now you indeed know my opinion.  I don't bother others either!


On 10/10/2015 6:44 PM, james.liles at comcast.net wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Had one of those four legged drone UFO's hovering over the house two weeks 
> ago, loaded the 12 gage and dispatched it.  Going to send the body to area 
> 51 for analysis.  Guess the Martians beat NASA to it.  Turns out a real 
> estate gal came looking for the carcass.  Told her to check with Uncle 
> Sam --- she would need a security clearance to retrieve her UFO friends 
> remains from the Area 51 guys.
> Working on an anti-UFO missile using baseball mitt radar technology. 
> Probably be able to knock those buggers of at 1/2 mile.  Just love that 
> new techno stuff.  Last time I worked on guidance systems we used rubber 
> bands and an escapement system --- sorta like texting.
> A friend who is an RC enthusiast started snaring those UFO things using a 
> high performance stealth model airplane by swooping down and dropping a 
> small fishing net on it.  Folks started to complain that somehow due to 
> global warming and weather changes, hair nets have started to drop out of 
> the ionosphere.
> You have a good time with that stuff.
> Kindest regards Jim K9AXN

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