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Not sure about the concern for longevity of the SDR boxes. I still have my 
first PC that ran 16K of ram and stored programs on cassette tape, I have 
worked with 4 bit processors (4040)  that ran at about a few MC. Still have 
5 1/4 floppies and 3 1/4 floppies. someplace is a 20 meg ( gasp) hard drive. 
My 75A4 bought new when I was a pup and thought money was to buy toys with, 
is used nearly every day and hears as well as anything out there and better 
than most. even my 75A2 is a remarkable rx.  So yes, the SDR boxes will be 
around in 50 years.  I have one here and it rests on the floor beside me, 
holding a stack of magazines in place.  probably should go up and sit beside 
the Rat Shack model 3.  Bernie W8RPW
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> The SDR does not have to cost anywhere remotely close to $3500!
> A RaspberryPi runs around $65, the Dongle runs from $8 to $14.
> The SRD# software is just plain free.
> The other part is sold through Hayseed Hamfest, it is the RANverter.  It 
> costs $45.90
> The whopping total of $125.
> The RANverter is a kit, and there are NO surface Mount Components 
> whatsoever!
> RaspberryPI is its own computer, uses the ARM7 processor, the very same 
> one in Android phones, it is a quad core, it is just a hair bigger than a 
> pack of cigarettes.  It has a CATV jack, 4 USB ports, HDMI for monitors, 
> or you can convert it to analog in lieu of digital video output.  The 
> cores run at 900MHz.
> Those folks that go out and spend $3500 are insane!
> Get into contact with W9RAN, Robert Nickels. <ranickels at gmail.com>
> He can go through the entire setup with you.  He has been working with the 
> man that writes the software.  So Robert is well up on the entire setup.
> I've been playing around with it for around 6 or so months.
> Regards, Bob - N0DGN
> On 10/10/2015 6:14 AM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>> About the only thing that would be nice about SDR is the fish finder.
>> But for me the cons outweigh the pros:
>> Have to have a computer.
>> Have to "boot up" the rig
>> Forget fixing anything if it breaks.  Throw away the PC card or maybe
>> the whole thing and get another one.  Or "send it in to the shop."
>> Whenever I hear a ham say "The rig is out for repairs" I think how
>> sad.  I am trying to not be one of those type hams.
>> Does anyone really know how one of those rigs works?  Can I point to a
>> cap or resistor and ask what is that there for and get an answer?  Is
>> there a schematic even?
>> The cost.  $3500 !!! at least for that Anan thing, a little box with
>> an on/off switch.  Does anyone think that 3500 dollar rig will be
>> running in 40 years?  I guess it doesn't matter for me because I'll be
>> SK most likely but 3500 can buy some nice antenna improvements that
>> won't go out of date.  I work some piss weak guys with SDRs and I wish
>> they had spent the money on a higher antenna, hi.
>> And the software fee.  If you get a Flex Radio you have to pay a
>> regular maintenance fee.  What do they think this is, the iPhone
>> (which I think is also for suckers).
>> The whole thing with computers and software is a red alert.   How long
>> before an OS update, or a new driver, or some other issue comes up and
>> the user is plunged into incompatibility hell looking for dependencies
>> or decoding gibberish from some computer geek because the rig won't
>> work.  Or the computer craps out and has to be replaced.  I just want
>> to fire everything up and have a QSO.   For now having a nice spectrum
>> display isn't worth the hassle, time and cost.
>> 73
>> Rob
>> K5UJ
>> On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 4:49 AM, Geoff <ars.w5omr at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> SDR intrigues me.  I've played with a couple of on-line SDR receivers
>>> and seeing the actual bandwidth of some stations is amazing.  Having a
>>> receiver with no other noise and only monitoring the transmitted audio
>>> would tell a lot about some other components of the transmitted signal.
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