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Mon Oct 12 17:31:48 EDT 2015


The SDR using RaspberryPI systems are nothing more than what is inside 
an Android Phone or Tablet.  They use ARM7 processors.

The Android Phones get "firmware" updates on a regular basis.

To any that worry about the Operating Systems, the RaspberryPI systems, 
Android Phones and/or Tablets are ALL running Linux.

It is simply a version of Unix that is published under Creative Commons 
Public License.

I don't see that the SDR using these platforms is ever going to become 
obsolete in my lifetime.  I may well be 65, but all my relatives, 
Mother, Father, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents have lived to at least 84.

I figure I'll keep kicking and using, building, and repairing the SMT 
circuits for a long time to come!

I too remember the Mohawk Computers that used the 4004 CPU.  Then Apple 
came along with the 6502, CP/M came out on Z-80s, and I have managed to 
work the different software either through Assembly, Machine, Binary, (I 
worked on the Hughes 3118B system that used core memory!), lived through 
MS-DOS, IBM-DOS on the 360 systems, and every version of Windows through 
64 bit 7.

So longevity is not a big deal!  The RaspberryPI systems only develop 
issues when folks load them up to every possible method of device 
attachment is in full use and the owner doesn't add the fan option!

So all those that get to where their drawers are in a Knot over worrying 
having to toss it out and buy new, just need to relax. The solid state 
lasts for very long periods of time when treated right.  You wouldn't 
run 3-500Zs without a fan would you?

I still have an early '60s AM/FM transistor radio that works just as 
well as it ever did!

Those of us that restored and used old military surplus tube based gear 
had to take care of it also.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

On 10/12/2015 2:01 PM, Bernie Doran wrote:
> Not sure about the concern for longevity of the SDR boxes. I still 
> have my first PC that ran 16K of ram and stored programs on cassette 
> tape, I have worked with 4 bit processors (4040)  that ran at about a 
> few MC. Still have 5 1/4 floppies and 3 1/4 floppies. someplace is a 
> 20 meg ( gasp) hard drive. My 75A4 bought new when I was a pup and 
> thought money was to buy toys with, is used nearly every day and hears 
> as well as anything out there and better than most. even my 75A2 is a 
> remarkable rx.  So yes, the SDR boxes will be around in 50 years.  I 
> have one here and it rests on the floor beside me, holding a stack of 
> magazines in place.  probably should go up and sit beside the Rat 
> Shack model 3.  Bernie W8RPW

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>> The SDR does not have to cost anywhere remotely close to $3500!
>> A RaspberryPi runs around $65, the Dongle runs from $8 to $14.
>> The SRD# software is just plain free.
>> The other part is sold through Hayseed Hamfest, it is the RANverter.  
>> It costs $45.90
>> The whopping total of $125.
>> The RANverter is a kit, and there are NO surface Mount Components 
>> whatsoever!
>> RaspberryPI is its own computer, uses the ARM7 processor, the very 
>> same one in Android phones, it is a quad core, it is just a hair 
>> bigger than a pack of cigarettes.  It has a CATV jack, 4 USB ports, 
>> HDMI for monitors, or you can convert it to analog in lieu of digital 
>> video output.  The cores run at 900MHz.
>> Those folks that go out and spend $3500 are insane!
>> Get into contact with W9RAN, Robert Nickels. <ranickels at gmail.com>
>> He can go through the entire setup with you.  He has been working 
>> with the man that writes the software.  So Robert is well up on the 
>> entire setup.
>> I've been playing around with it for around 6 or so months.
>> Regards, Bob - N0DGN

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