[AMRadio] ARRL defends hams freedom to use modified non-ham gear on the ham bands

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Oct 14 12:13:58 EDT 2015

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This may be worth watching if you run a broadcast rig on the ham bands:


No mention of non-ham HF gear, but FCC certainly has the potential to
broadly word some rule change with unintended consequences.


OK, so now they want to impose a requirement to make non-amateur gear
un-modifiable, to preclude it  from amateur use, but in the same sweep
further loosen up the already inadequate enforcement of Part 15 and Part 18
regulations that supposedly limit RFI spewed from  consumer electronics and
other junk?

A  couple of  weeks ago I overheard a conversation between two seasoned
AMers who should know better, speculating that it might be illegal for a ham
to modify a piece of commercially build amateur  equipment that had FCC type
acceptance, since you can't legally modify a type-accepted transceiver for
the CB  service.

The foot got into the  door years ago when commercially built amateur radio
amplifiers were included in the FCC's type acceptance/certification program.
Outside the USA, in both Canada and UK, entry-level "foundation" licensees
are allowed to use only commercially-built equipment; homebrewing is
prohibited until one upgrades to a full licence.

At present, hams are allowed to homebrew a transmitter from scratch.  It
would be difficult to legally distinguish a piece of modified commercial
gear from a homebrew rig, but remember the FCC ignored the laws of physics
to impose a bogus power limit.

Don k4kyv

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