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I have a love hate relationship with the ARRL, even though I've been a
member for 46 years.  Have the construction articles basically dried up
except for J pole antennas and computer interfaces on the low end to
extremely high end projects that probably nobody will duplicate, because
building ham gear of actual use will conflict with the commercial stuff?  Or
do people just have zero interest in building a piece of gear they can
receive or transmit with that doesn't have all the feature of the latest
$10K buck rigs?  These questions come up because a buddy gave me a bunch of
CQ's and QST's from the 50's and for the most part, every issue has
something interesting to build.  Also, you would think with all the hoopla
over recycling and save the planet stuff, QST and bunch of other mags that
used to be in the 6 1/2 X 9 1/2 size would be a envirowhackos cause of the
day to bring back.  

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

The story I heard is that a small but vocal core of QST readers  were
constantly whinging and whining to the ARRL that the articles in QST were
"too technical", so sometime about 1980, they created this new publication,
called QEX, that costs extra even if you are already a paid  member, where
they now pigeon-hole the in-depth technical articles, leaving QST to be
filled with "human interest" and other fluff and drivel.  Besides the J-pole
antenna, you might find construction articles on the order of how to build a
novelty one-transistor QRP CW transmitter in a cat-food or Altoid tin, or
else an LED-powered "On The Air" sign, but very  few useful construction
articles unless they have something to do with incorporating a computer into
your station.

The people who REALLY got ripped off on that deal are those who, back when
they first started the program in the 1960s as I recall, took out Life
Membership with the understanding that they would have access to good
technical and construction articles for  the rest of their life, and then
ended up having to take out an additional subscription to another
publication to maintain access to them.

As for  the physical size, nearly all other magazines went to that size
about the same time QST did.  I have never heard any real explanation why,
or what was supposed to be the advantage of the larger size. Maybe the Post
Office gave a better bulk rate to the standard size.

Don k4kyv

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