[AMRadio] W1BB on intentional QRM

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 10:43:22 EDT 2015

Picked this up on the 160 meter reflector.  Stew Perry 40 years ago on
deliberate QRM.  the part about 160 being primarily gov't service band
is out of date but the rest you can pretty much substitute AM for
"160" and have a good way to operate.

GENTLEMENT BAND!!??? ---Shall stress the importance of keeping this UNIQUE
band "The GENTLEMEN! Band", as its reputation has been for so many years,
just that ?? We're having sum "growing pains" with big influx of New-Comers,
who are not yet thoroughly steeped, (and maybe never will be), in the
tradition of the band, or cognizant of the advantages to themselves, and to
ALL, to keep it so!! SEEMS that each one of us who enjoys these unique
advantages, and the thrill of 160, should want to, individually, help to
keep it this way -- by contributing all the "input" in the direction we are
in - by welcoming, educating, befriending, exhibiting a good example, and
Wining the same support from these new-Comers. Meanwhile being sure of our
own motives, and the example we give is correct and right - to acknowledge
our own mistakes, and not make them twice. As "Gentlemen" of 160, shouldn't
we try to MINIMIZE the bickering between CW/PHONE, and to find ways to
cooperate with each other in eliminating friction and QRM??? By meticulously
RESPECTING the "Gentlemen's Agreement" that 1800-10 would be CW
--1810-25/SSB --1825-30 the "DX Window"     1830-1850/SSB and CW. Seems like
a really Gud set-up, especially for phone., since all other bands do not
have an exclusive phone segment!!! BUT we must remember that NO-ONE has any
"LEGAL" requirement to respect these Fys - this "Gents" partitioning,
because the "status" of the band --- it is really NOT an Amateur Band at
all!!! It is a Govt/Services (USCG/LORAN) band, wherein we Amateurs have the
PRIVILEGE only of operating there, IF we cause no QRM to the Govt Services.
For this reason it cannot be, and is not legally partitioned into PHONE/CW
segments. SO that, our only hope of "order" is in this so called
"Gentlemen's Agreement SOOOooo.! one MUST NOT tell either CW,AM,SSB stns to
"get the H....out of there". In the first place, it is the wrong approach
anyway! Secondly, each one had as much RIGHT to be ANYWHERE he wish' as
anyone else. It is a problem of educating to the advantages and winning
everyone's RESPECT for these frequencies! -- -- My experience over many
years, is that 99% of the 160m men are real good guys, ready & willing to
cooperate, for the good of all, IF they are treated fairly and with RESPECT.
We've run across only a few selfish, cantankerous and sour individuals, who
insist on their "Rights", regardless of how much it hurts the other 99% ---
One must exercise a LOT of restraint, patience, perseverance when this
happens, not to be "Touchy", or over sensitive, with these QRMers,
understanding that outside of the two or three "stinkers", the .problem in
mostly through ignorance carelessness, and not intentional. We have to
CONTINUALLY educate and help them and each other. REGARDING the two or three
"Stinkers", the INTENTIONAL QRMers, with their strings of dots/dashes on Fy,
swishes, modulated noises intentionally calling CQ on DX/Fys, In Window, etc
(See-QST/MAR p9, "Malicious QRM") Even here my experience is that "patience
has its reward". The BEST WAY to handle them is TO PAY NO ATTENTION
WHATSOEVER NOT EVEN MENTION it or them over the air. Me while, not
accomplishing their mission of causing trouble, annoying, or "Stirring Up A
Hornets Nest' they get tired and go away. -- The WORST thing to do is to
TAKE NOTICE of them, talk about them, call them names, retaliate, etc - this
is JUST what they are striving for To make acknowledgement of the trouble
they are causing, only makes a bad matter worse (This applies only to the
INTENTIONAL QRMers) (Others, it is helpful to acknowledge and try to help.)
One of those "Stinkers" on the West Coast has been caught and punished
severely. There'll be others surely, as we perfect means of detection and
"coping". Additionally, "Stinkerism" has its own reward!! Many New-Comers to
160 are heard to say what a difference and pleasure it is to operate on 160,
compared to HF bands. Let's keep it that way!! We can, with patience,
perseverance, tact and understanding. OK?? Comments??


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