[AMRadio] Laws of Physics Repealed!

Bill Guyger bguyger at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 23 16:41:13 EDT 2015

To quote Emerson Lake and Palmer "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends"...............
Bill AD5OL
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First there was the Gotham Vertical.  Then the infamous Max-Com automatic
antenna matcher.  Now, Cushrcaft is in on the action.

"R9" vertical.  Low angle radiation gives incredible, easy, world-wide low
band DX on 75/80m and 40m, plus it covers 30 through 6m with low VSWR on all
bands, with broadband matching transformer; no antenna tuner needed. Low
profile blends inconspicuously to keep your HOA happy.  31.5 ft tall.  Best

Only $639. Just plug in your plastic radio and talk, talk, talk!

See November, 2015 QST, page 2.

Amazing that hams (or maybe I should say HAMs) swallow that crapola.  31.5
ft is only an eighth wavelength on 75/80m. The base impedance of a 1/8
wavelength vertical is about 12 ohms. No matter how much gimmickry such as
stubs, loading coils, toroidal transformers and porcupine spikes are added,
that thing will basically be a dummy load unless it is used with a
SUBSTANTAL radial ground system.  A couple of 8' ground rods won't cut it.

I had always considered Cushcraft, which has been in the antenna business
for decades, a reputable outfit, but this makes me wonder.

Don k4kyv

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