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Hi Guys, 

160-meters ceased having ANY claim to being a so-called "...gentleman's
band" shortly after 1.8-MHz appeared with regularity on the band
positions of appliance rigs that any idiot could buy with his VISA card,
and tune-up a questionable dipole using the internal automated antenna

I can't even BEGIN to detail the many bad experiences that I encountered
with specific Hams---whose callsigns shall go unmentioned---on 160, when
I took-up CW DX'ing with a homebrewed kilowatt & my 3-element inverted
extended "L" phased array some 8 years ago: it's like the place is some
sort of private denizen of a privileged few, who resent the invasive
presence of any newcomer(s) with a competitive signal, and bask in the
adulation of false praise & respect from the sheep-like majority. 

My topband antennas all came down in the big ice storm of December 2013,
and I have NOT been back there---and neither do I miss it, not even in
the least. 

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ 

On 2015-10-23 10:43, Rob Atkinson wrote: 

> Picked this up on the 160 meter reflector. Stew Perry 40 years ago on
> deliberate QRM. the part about 160 being primarily gov't service band
> is out of date but the rest you can pretty much substitute AM for
> "160" and have a good way to operate.
> W1BB>>
> GENTLEMENT BAND!!??? ---Shall stress the importance of keeping this UNIQUE
> band "The GENTLEMEN! Band", as its reputation has been for so many years,
> just that ?? We're having sum "growing pains" with big influx of New-Comers,
> who are not yet thoroughly steeped, (and maybe never will be), in the
> tradition of the band, or cognizant of the advantages to themselves, and to
> ALL, to keep it so!! SEEMS that each one of us who enjoys these unique
> advantages, and the thrill of 160, should want to, individually, help to
> keep it this way -- by contributing all the "input" in the direction we are
> in - by welcoming, educating, befriending, exhibiting a good example, and
> Wining the same support from these new-Comers. Meanwhile being sure of our
> own motives, and the example we give is correct and right - to acknowledge
> our own mistakes, and not make them twice. As "Gentlemen" of 160, shouldn't
> we try to MINIMIZE the bickering between CW/PHONE, and to find ways to
> cooperate with each other in eliminating friction and QRM??? By meticulously
> RESPECTING the "Gentlemen's Agreement" that 1800-10 would be CW
> --1810-25/SSB --1825-30 the "DX Window" 1830-1850/SSB and CW. Seems like
> a really Gud set-up, especially for phone., since all other bands do not
> have an exclusive phone segment!!! BUT we must remember that NO-ONE has any
> "LEGAL" requirement to respect these Fys - this "Gents" partitioning,
> because the "status" of the band --- it is really NOT an Amateur Band at
> all!!! It is a Govt/Services (USCG/LORAN) band, wherein we Amateurs have the
> PRIVILEGE only of operating there, IF we cause no QRM to the Govt Services.
> For this reason it cannot be, and is not legally partitioned into PHONE/CW
> segments. SO that, our only hope of "order" is in this so called
> "Gentlemen's Agreement SOOOooo.! one MUST NOT tell either CW,AM,SSB stns to
> "get the H....out of there". In the first place, it is the wrong approach
> anyway! Secondly, each one had as much RIGHT to be ANYWHERE he wish' as
> anyone else. It is a problem of educating to the advantages and winning
> everyone's RESPECT for these frequencies! -- -- My experience over many
> years, is that 99% of the 160m men are real good guys, ready & willing to
> cooperate, for the good of all, IF they are treated fairly and with RESPECT.
> We've run across only a few selfish, cantankerous and sour individuals, who
> insist on their "Rights", regardless of how much it hurts the other 99% ---
> One must exercise a LOT of restraint, patience, perseverance when this
> happens, not to be "Touchy", or over sensitive, with these QRMers,
> understanding that outside of the two or three "stinkers", the .problem in
> mostly through ignorance carelessness, and not intentional. We have to
> CONTINUALLY educate and help them and each other. REGARDING the two or three
> "Stinkers", the INTENTIONAL QRMers, with their strings of dots/dashes on Fy,
> swishes, modulated noises intentionally calling CQ on DX/Fys, In Window, etc
> (See-QST/MAR p9, "Malicious QRM") Even here my experience is that "patience
> has its reward". The BEST WAY to handle them is TO PAY NO ATTENTION
> WHATSOEVER NOT EVEN MENTION it or them over the air. Me while, not
> accomplishing their mission of causing trouble, annoying, or "Stirring Up A
> Hornets Nest' they get tired and go away. -- The WORST thing to do is to
> TAKE NOTICE of them, talk about them, call them names, retaliate, etc - this
> is JUST what they are striving for To make acknowledgement of the trouble
> they are causing, only makes a bad matter worse (This applies only to the
> INTENTIONAL QRMers) (Others, it is helpful to acknowledge and try to help.)
> One of those "Stinkers" on the West Coast has been caught and punished
> severely. There'll be others surely, as we perfect means of detection and
> "coping". Additionally, "Stinkerism" has its own reward!! Many New-Comers to
> 160 are heard to say what a difference and pleasure it is to operate on 160,
> compared to HF bands. Let's keep it that way!! We can, with patience,
> perseverance, tact and understanding. OK?? Comments??
> <<
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
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