[AMRadio] W1BB on intentional QRM

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Oct 26 14:22:55 EDT 2015

Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ wrote:

> 160-meters ceased having ANY claim to being a so-called 
> "...gentleman's band" shortly after 1.8-MHz appeared with regularity on
the band positions of appliance rigs that any idiot could  buy with his VISA
card, and tune-up a questionable dipole using the internal automated antenna

Of course, some may  find the language offensive, but you have defined to a
tee what is meant by the term "plastic radio".  No, bakelite knobs and the
composition of the insulating material on the hook-up wire have nothing to
do with it. Furthermore, you just verified another dimension to the term:
"plastic" as in VISA (hi).  In any case, I applaud your desire to keep an
almost forgotten style of ham radio alive for anyone including yourself who
homebrews gear.  But watch out, even the term "homebrew" is being nudged out
of ham radio jargon, in favour of "DYI". 

>  I can't even BEGIN to detail the many bad experiences that I 
> encountered with specific Hams---whose callsigns shall go 
> unmentioned---on 160, when I took-up CW DX'ing with  a homebrewed kilowatt
& my 3-element inverted extended "L" phased array some 8 years ago: it's
like the place is some sort of private denizen of a privileged few, who
resent  the invasive presence of any newcomer(s) with a competitive signal,
and bask in the adulation of false praise & respect from the sheep-like

Don't let them intimidate you.  Far too many hams tuck their tails and  run
at the first sign of intentional QRM or harassment, saying they "don't want
to get mixed up in any over-the-air  squabbles. The best technique for
dealing with that kind of situation is "Strap and Ignore".

>  My topband antennas all came down in the big ice storm of December 2013,
and I have NOT been back there---and neither do I miss it, not even in the

The last thing I'll ever do is give anyone the opportunity to gloat about
running me off the air (see previous comment above).  The one way to assure
my presence on a band  or on a frequency is to try to drive me away after I
was already in an established QSO. Actually, 160m has one saving grace in
the difficulty of putting up an effective antenna, although strapping
signals seem to come out of the woodwork whenever there is a contest.  A
large number of hams appear to do all the excruciating work to get an
effective signal on Topband, only to use it two or three weekends a year.
Oh well, I find that baffling but  to each his own; almost any activity on
the band is to be applauded these  days  since there seems to be a  dearth
of signals, AM and otherwise.  They always have tended to roll up the
sidewalks on 160 after about 9 PM, but this season I have noticed several
quiet, winter-like Friday and Saturday evenings with only a  small handful
of signals on the entire band, and I called CQ till I was blue in the face
but got no response.  Just a few years ago the band would have been so
crammed with signals that one would have had to hunt for a clear  spot to

Get more fiyah in the wiyah,
And get the wiyah highyah!

Don k4kyv

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