[AMRadio] Vertical antennas

Larry Oneets oneets123 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 16:48:45 EDT 2015

I Guess that Bob is not a fan of a vertical antenna and that is his
opinion.  BUT there are many of us that just cannot do otherwise and from
everything that I know any antenna that puts out a signal is better than
nothing at all.  I know of many who use a vertical antenna on their
automobile for most if not all of the HF bands and have a great signal.  So
there is no reason to believe that a vertical will not work at ones home.
As far a radials go even one will work but more the merrier and if they are
on or in the ground they are not tuned no matter what one does.  So put up
a vertical and as many radials as one can and enjoy ham radio.  You will
not be the power house that a 100 foot tower and multi element beam is but
there are lots of contacts out there to be made with even the most meager
of antennas and rigs=-=-=-Remember the novice days, we made contacts with
almost nothing.
Enjoy ham radio one does not need big and expensive anything for a really
good time.
Larry K9LWI

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