[AMRadio] Vertical antennas

Jim Liles hallicrafterssr2000 at k9axn.com
Fri Oct 30 19:34:36 EDT 2015

Conceptual questions regarding vertical antennas --- like to know why --- not not just because:

A ground mounted vertical uses buried radials.  Is the primary function to provide some sort of reflecting effect or a low resistance counterpoise to the driven element?

In either case, why specify the length of a radial if it cannot function in a resonant manner being bare wire and buried with whatever?  What happens when it rains?

How predictable is the radiation resistance of buried wire?

What losses exist in the radials? 

If it’s to provide a counterpoise, why not use a tuned artificial ground i.e. series resonant shunt to a good ground?

Thanks for your time --- just curious.  

Kindest regards Jim K9AXN 

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