[AMRadio] FAA even worse!

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Sep 11 17:36:33 EDT 2015

I just traded the remaining telescope and high end ($) Eyepieces for 
what "can" easily qualify as a drone.

Stumbled upon what the FAA has defined as MY No Fly Zone.

I have followed the trail and located an *Internal* Memorandum from 2011.

I can still operate in this "No Fly Zone", under the exemption they have 
in this *Internal* Memorandum.

I can fly this as a recreational model, it is under 55lbs, and I fly 
strictly line of site and do NOT program the flights.

Oh how wonderful to have to go DIG to locate an Internal Memorandum!

This happens to be a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+.  They go for over $1300!  I 
would not have gone out and bought one.

The gentleman offered to do some trading.  The first thing he offered 
was a significantly larger Telescope than the one I gave to our 
granddaughter.  I had to say no, due to the darn arthritis.

Then we arranged a phone call.  The next item offered was an assault 
rifle.  Now I know the XYL won't go for that!

So I explained it to him.

Then he offers the Phantom in a straight across the board trade.

This I could do and stay out of dog house.

We arranged a time and day, I took over what he was wanting as bad as I 
was wanting a Phantom.

I took it all out of the carrying case.  I had him slip just one of 
those Eyepieces in and go outside and see for himself.

Bit hook line and sinker!  I was already that way before I got there.

Now we are both very happy.

Now I just ensure I stay in the Exemption rules!

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

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