[AMRadio] Strange/funny things

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Sun Sep 13 17:04:45 EDT 2015

Been listening a lot on forty and have heard some different things. The weird one is a rhythmic change in the background noise level at a rate of about 40 per minute and about 3 db. Been hearing this for months, no correlation with time or day, appears to be ongoing for hours if not days, A few days ago it stopped while I was listening.  No idea  what it might b, rx has been ruled out.  

Then I heard perfect Morse being sent but the spacing sort of varied, finally realized it was computer generated and there was a hunt and peck, like me, there.

Heard another calling cq. made out the cq and the de only because  of the rhythm.  there was no spacing between letters or letter groups. just continuous dots and dashes!

The neat one was a gentleman with a bit of chirp produced by keying the osc.  It was  actually refreshing. reminded me of the 50s.

Then this one, I am convinced that the Jap transceivers sound a tiny bit different on CW than the old class C rigs. I do not know how to describe but perhaps soft Vs crisp. Anyone else think they hear this? not many class C running so it is hard to compare.  

And last, a SSB op describing his Fox Tango 1000 running 200 Whisky. 

Maybe I should listen less!!    Bernie W8RPW

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