[AMRadio] Gates BC1-G for sale

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Apr 3 21:14:09 EDT 2016

I just received this e-mail, and I'm forwarding it FWIW.  I  have no
interest in this sale myself.  I won't bother  to forward the photos. One
shows the exterior cabinet, which looks to be in real good shape.  The other
shows the plate transformer and rectifiers.  It looks clean on the inside.

Hello Don,
   This is Randy Fish, NØKO in Vanzant, Missouri, Douglas County, Grid
EM36UV.  I have enjoyed listening to you on 80m AM for some time now and
am currently listening to you on 3.885.  My reason for contacting you is
to ask your assistance.  I have a Gates BC1-G that I am needing to sell
and was hoping that you might be able to put out the word to any of your
friends?  When I purchased it, it was in working condition.  I had to
remove most of the transformers from the deck in order to lay it down to
transport it to my location. All the tubes, transformers and removable
items are safely in my living room now.  833s are in very good
condition.  Transmitter is currently on 1985khz.  Whoever purchases this
will have to hook the transformers back up, everything is number coded
on the wires.  I have attached a couple of pics of the transmitter taken
when I picked it up.  I have more pics of the transformer deck that I
took for my information so I could rewire everything up.  I am only
asking $500 for this unit as is.  I hope that you will be able to help
me out as I am planning on moving from my current location out here in
the sticks to a more urban location and cannot take this with me.  Thank
you for your time.

Vry 73 de NØKO
Randy Fish
RR1 Box 265
Vanzant, Missouri 65768
Address and email verified on QRZ dot com
Home phone 417-261-1717

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