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Mike Sawyer w3slk at verizon.net
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I guess they counted the guy who made his rebuttals twice. But I agree, most
are con!


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The "League" is not much different from the national and state politicians
we read and hear about in the news every day. They sometimes give the former
USSR a run for its money, when it comes to spinning the truth with
propaganda to support their agenda.

Case in point: from the outset, comments to the FCC on the 75/80m
"readjustment" petition RM-11759, the League's proposal to take away the
bottom 50 kHz of the 75m phone band, have been running anywhere from 2:1 to
3:1 in opposition.   But QST (see p. 74, May issue) reports that "by
mid-March, the number of comments in favor of the changes were about equal
to the number of comments opposing the changes".

To see the real tally for yourself, copy and paste the following URL into
your browser's address bar (be sure to include all  lines of the URL; this
mailing list tends to insert line breaks into URLs making links
inoperative).  Then read through the comments or at least a random sample
from the list :


In apparent desperation, in view of the overwhelmingly negative responses in
the comments, the League took the unusual measure of filing a comment to its
own petition. These comments added nothing new, but essentially reiterated
what they had already stated in the original filing:

Don k4kyv

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