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CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 9 16:18:49 EDT 2016

>From a reply...

"What made it great in my opinion was not that you'd find a Ranger or
Matchbox or Weller soldering iron, but that you'd find weird or
unusual items."

If you know Ron WB4OQL, Carl, W4RCW, and the fellow I call the bug man because he works for Dow Chemical, N4TIC, Bill, and George, W4BUW who has a thing for SP600's like Mel Gibson had for the book  'Catcher in the Rye' in the Conspiracy Theory, you may have run across me selling at their booth for a few years several years ago.  I agree, the rare and unique shows up at Dayton, but the one thing I noticed was comments on stuff, something you never heard years ago.  Two fellows will be looking at things and asking each other what this is or what do think that was for as the go over the stuff on a table, and it will be common parts that the most neophyte Novice knew about in the day.  Today, for many folks, it is like a walk though the caveman exhibit at a museum, wondering what all those things were used for.  Another comment I always got a chuckle from, was a couple OT's would see something and one would say, I had one of those back in the...insert favorite year, and his partner would say why don't you buy it for nostalgia reasons.  The best answer, "No, it was a piece of crap back then too, I'm sure it isn't any better now."  I also learned to watch your stuff like a hawk.  Somebody examining an HR10 I had for sale reached around and stole the crystals out of the filter.  A few months later I was lucky enough to have a fellow give me two for a few 12BY7's.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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