[AMRadio] AM-864/U

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Aug 12 11:57:22 EDT 2016

> Here's another question for those who ever went to an actual soldering
> like those given in the military.  I was taught that on terminal boards,
> went to the bottom of the terminal, and component to the top to facilitate
> repair.  Alot of my military gear is just the opposite, including this
amp.  Was
> wire on bottom/component on top not really a requirement of
> manufacturers?
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC

Something else that has irritated me, particularly with Collins equipment,
they often went far beyond the practice of making a "firm mechanical
connection before solder is applied". The wire would be threaded through the
eye of the terminal lug and wrapped back around several times, each turn
threaded through the eyelet, making it impossible to remove a component
without destroying the solder lug, and damaging nearby components and wire
insulation with the hot soldering iron while trying to  get the thing apart.

I don't even do the "firm mechanical connection" bit if I don't have to. I
usually just poke the wire through the eyelet, with or without a hook, and
then apply solder. If the connection holds together long enough for
soldering, the wire itself will break in two long before the soldered
connection pulls apart.  I sometimes wrap the wire a little less than one
complete turn when several connections are to be made to the same terminal,
so that none of the wires fall out before the last one is inserted and
solder applied.  I try to make anything I build as easy to disassemble as
possible, to facilitate future wiring changes or repair.

Don k4kyv

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