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Jay Walker jay.walker.voiceover at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 12:16:05 EDT 2016

An interesting point was brought up on the "What is it" comments you hear
when manning a table at a tailgate sale. You can always tell a 'newb' when
you see one asking "What kind of tube is that?" when pointing at a vacuum
variable capacitor. ​That said, we ALL were 'newbs' once so I always do my
best to suppress the urge to laugh and explain what an item 'is' and is
used for.​ Today's tests are a bit lacking in technical area these days so
it's really not surprising. I had an interesting QSO the other day with a
new 7 day wonder extra (?) who was bemoaning the lack of step by step
tuning instructions in a Viking Valiant manual. I had to explain in general
it was understood 'back in the day' that after passing a test one would
know to dip the plate current etc. As it was in past decades and is now
today, the real knowledge only begins when you put your first station on
the air. VRY 73 de NS5F

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