[AMRadio] Everyone know this but me?

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 08:44:14 EDT 2016

There's a lot here I am not getting.

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> Doing research on boost/buck transformers, I learned that it is not the 120 volt load that determines the KVA needed, but the load on >the lower voltage winding that does the boosting or bucking.

When you write "buck/boost transformer" I picture a single winding
with a common and line pair of taps and another tap above or below the
line tap that goes to the load.  The "lower voltage winding" would be
the same winding because there's only one winding.

This only applies when wired as an auto- transformer,

An "auto-transformer" is what I just described

> SOLA rates their 120 volt .25KVA unit at 20.8 amps at 120 volts.

SOLA makes these devices that hold the v. to the load at a constant
amount while the line v. can move up and down.  I can't remember how
they work, only that they hum loudly and give off a lot of heat.  Is
this the kind of device you are talking about?

You can put your whole vintage station on one and get 1950's 110 VAC
for 50 bucks or so for this size unit from several sources.

Well, 21 amps @ 120 v. is around 2500 watts so that should run  a
couple 100 watt rigs and a receiver or two but I don't know where the
.25KVA comes from.

So as I said, there's a lot I am missing here.



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