[AMRadio] Play in Valiant VFO knob

Steve Wender tobiebw2 at newmexico.com
Thu Aug 18 09:40:21 EDT 2016

Hi All,

Well, I am still working on fixing the Valiant VFO play in the VFO.  I 
took the front panel off and a lot of the VFO shielding to look at the 
coupling.  There is a bakalite spider that goes from 3/16" shaft on the 
variable cap to 1/4 inch reducing gear mechanism which goes to the 
dial.  The bakalite spider was broken and needs to be replaced.  Any one 
have one around?  I have a choice of repairing the spider-- I need a new 
bakalite piece or using a direct metal coupling.  I think i can make a 
coupling out of metal because I think the rotor of the cap is at ground 
but I will not have the flexibility in the drive shaft.  I can try to 
repair the spider by drilling out the rivets and replacing the bakalite 
sheet-- have to find some bakalite sheet or use something else.   Any 

The fun continues.

Steve KC5WN

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