[AMRadio] Play in Valiant VFO knob

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Thu Aug 18 10:48:05 EDT 2016

I think the circuit board material would be a better solution than 
metal. Multiple paths from the VFO capacitor rotor to ground, or to the 
"wrong" ground point, could have unpredictable effects. Not necessarily, 
but possibly. I'd stick to an insulating material.

73 es GL,

On 8/18/16 10:20 AM, David Harmon wrote:
> I believe someone previously mentioned thin unclad .008" to .010" 
> thick ckt
> board material.
> Flexible but still very tough.
> Check the archives.
> 73
> David Harmon
> Sperry, OK
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> Hi All,
> Well, I am still working on fixing the Valiant VFO play in the VFO.  I 
> took
> the front panel off and a lot of the VFO shielding to look at the 
> coupling.
> There is a bakalite spider that goes from 3/16" shaft on the variable 
> cap to
> 1/4 inch reducing gear mechanism which goes to the dial.  The bakalite
> spider was broken and needs to be replaced.  Any one have one around?  I
> have a choice of repairing the spider-- I need a new bakalite piece or 
> using
> a direct metal coupling.  I think i can make a coupling out of metal 
> because
> I think the rotor of the cap is at ground but I will not have the
> flexibility in the drive shaft.  I can try to repair the spider by 
> drilling
> out the rivets and replacing the bakalite
> sheet-- have to find some bakalite sheet or use something else. Any
> thougths?
> The fun continues.
> Steve KC5WN

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