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Sun Dec 18 15:56:27 EST 2016

I have a feeling the holidays are playing a part in the lack of activity, but like you Jim, in the evening I hear little if any conversations.  Also 160 seems void of AM this year and I notice some SSB stations have moved into the normal frequencies habited by AM.  
I do, however, hear activity in the afternoon around 4 PM on 89 meters.  Funny thing is I didn’t hear anything from the Trader’s net yesterday morning.  Guess all the signals were bouncing over me like Rob said.
From: Jim Candela 

I was listening to the 75m AM window last night around 9 pm central. Not an AM signal heard over 30 minutes. My receiver on the CE or Gonset station was unable to overcome the impulse type QRN that has been plagging me for years, and is strong up through 20m. Both an Icom R75 and R8500 have effective noise blankers, but the NB threshold is preset, and drifts with shack temperature. Last night the NB's did nothing, whereas my Flex 3000 SDR receiver would take out the noise 100% without any notceabe artifacts on the received signal. Unfortunately I don't have an amplifier in line with the Flex at this time. Therefore I stayed off the air.

75m seemed wide open last night..


On Sunday, December 18, 2016 10:45 AM, Rob Atkinson <ranchorobbo at gmail.com> wrote:

my impression is everyone is spending their time operating.  It's
winter wx & band condx.


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