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CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 19:14:30 EST 2016

What is it like in other areas of the country on 75 meters in the evenings on SSB.  Most in the South know the nightmare that fires up, but how is it in the rest of the country?  From the OT's of the 11 meter ham band days, they say 11 meters was wild and woolly and it all moved to 75 when 11 was taken away.  Are there those  'special freqs' in your area where you might query QRZ several times, hear nothing, throw out a CQ and then get hammered with carriers, 4 letter words, and worse, telling you the freq was in use? Ever give out a short 3 X 2 CQ and get a raspberry for a response? Are there any civilized areas of the country on 75 in the evening?  Do any of you operate regularly in the 3700 +/- range or just stay up on 3885?  I've stepped on so many landmines, I usually stick to my local group a couple times a week.

Charlie W4MEC in NC

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