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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Dec 19 23:02:05 EST 2016

> Don't know about that bunch, don't have any CE equipment, but belong 
> to Hallicrafters list, the Hammarlund list, the WRL List and this 
> list.  I also belong to the Boatanchor list and it has more members 
> than this one but has been quite lately too.
> The WRL list is almost defunct and I haven't see posts there in months 
> except for one recently.  The Hallicrafters and Hammarlund list have 
> dwindled to almost nothing lately and has been subdued for a while like
this one.
> Jim
> W5JO

The same with the ham bands on the air.  It's like this radio season never
really took off.  Weekend evenings, low QRN and 75 and 160  still  have wide
open swathes of unoccupied frequencies.  Not just AM; no SSB, no CW either.
Just a few years ago on a similar winter night you would have to hunt for a
clear spot to call CQ.

They roll up the sidewalks on 160 after about 9 PM.  Even with propagation
wide open I sometimes call CQ till I'm blue in the face and no  response.
You have to get a QSO  well established before 8:30 or 9 to hope for any
late evening operation.

Where are all those 700,000-plus hams that reportedly make up the largest
FCC data base in the history of radio?  They are certainly not active on the

Is this the new normal?

Don k4kyv

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